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How To Have Long Healthy Hair

Well, I’m not going to lie there was a phase in my life where I didn’t have to care about my skin or hair at all and they’d be fine. But growing up means starting to take care of yourself so that you don’t look super old at 40!

With my hair, I’ve noticed that I get hairfall in winters – don’t know what that’s all about but yeah it happens and here are some tips and tricks that I do in order to maintain my hair.

  1. Use an egg based hair mask twice a month: I know that some people find the smell of egg on their head annoying but honestly this is SO good for your hair! I usually mix coconut oil with an egg and apply it to my hair for about 45 mins. And my hair’s super soft and shiny after washing – so definitely DO THIS!
  2. Avoid heat styling: I’ve barely used a hair dryer in my life. I belive in air drying and honestly I don’t have the patience or stamina to curl or straighten my hair – unless I’m on a trip and need some really good photos for my blog lol. But no seriously, try those non-heating styling techniques that one usually finds on Pinterest, they really work well for me.
  3. Find your hair oil: I always used a coconut oil twice a week but now I’ve switched to ‘Zonanos’ which is a local hair oil that you can get from Pakistan – it has worked well for my hair so I would highly recommend finding something that truly suits your hair.
  4. Use a conditioner: I never used a conditioner before, I was too basic but man it’s amazing what a coconut conditioner can do for your hair!! So be sure to not be stupid like me, GET A CONDITIONER!

These are some of the tips that I have for you guys, I hope you try them and I hope they work well for you!

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