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5 Must-Have Items For A Boho Chic Look

I think one of my favorite fashion aesthetics will always be Boho! Every now and then I indulge in boho fashion mainly because it’s somehow always more comfortable and let’s face it you look cool no matter what!

So here are 5 items that you need in your wardrobe to channel your inner boho:

1) A Printed Maxi Dress: thanks to the Olsen twins back in the day, maxi dresses have become a must-have item especially if you’re building a boho wardrobe. I personally love printed maxi dresses cause you can style it in so many ways!

2) Gladiator/ Open Toe Sandals: apart from the fact that we’re talking about boho aesthetics, gladiators and flats are actually making a HUGE comeback this season and I’m super psyched about it! I’ve already shopped for some open toe sandals and I’m ready to embrace summers.

3) A Wide Brim Hat: be it with a maxi dress or wide leg trousers, hats go with everything. And it definitely adds a bohemian flair to any outfit.

4) Wide Leg Trousers: invest in eye-catching printed pants, they’re super comfy and they definitely add a free-spirited edge to your look! Oh and also they’re perfect for summers.

5) Bohemian Jewelry & Hippie Chic Bags: layering plenty of necklaces and bracelets are a great way to complete your boho look. You will also need to invest in different cross body bags preferably something with a fringe detailing or super printed.

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