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Category: lifestyle

DIY : Lip Scrub

   Things you need: • Organic coconut oil (can be found in Spinneys)  • Sugar  • A small container to store the scrub in. Method: Mix equal amounts of sugar & coconut oil in a bowl, mix well & transfer … Continue Reading DIY : Lip Scrub


Photo Courtesy: I am that girl Facebook page This quote is truer than true! Never bother responding or reacting to people who bring you down. Remember they’re far beneath you & probably that’s why they try so hard to bring … Continue Reading QOTD

Be your best self.

Image via lehnathebastard.tumblr I came across this image on tumblr and it got me thinking. The web 2.0 technology has set a huge impact on the way that girls think. Apps such as instagram or any other photo related apps … Continue Reading Be your best self.