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I Never Wanna Forget My Kazbegi Adventures

Everything about this place is magical! There’s something about the mountains that just numbs my mind, I still don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. But it’s just there!

The mountains over here are beautiful. The drive from Tblisi to Kazbegi is for 3.5 hours and the scenic views on the way to here are something out of a movie. So unreal!

Because it was raining for the past two weeks and also raining the day I landed, there were some serious roadblocks on the way that sort of freaked me out but Alhumdulilah made it through!

Stayed at Rooms Hotel in Kazbegi, it’s one of the best hotels with unbelievable views!

Few things to keep in mind if you’re coming to Kazbegi:

1. Make sure the weather is alright so your drive here is smooth and not at all bumpy.

2. Make it a point to stay at Room’s Hotel which is one of the most popular places here. If you don’t plan on staying make it a point to come for lunch, the views are totally worth it.

3. I keep forgetting that European places don’t have a muslim shower, so make it a point to keep a water bottle with you or buy an alternative device on Amazon.

4. Make sure to sit in front of the mountains, take it all in and breathe!

5. Visit the church here! That’s the only thing to see, also if you want to work remotely this is the best place to do that from cause you’ll find all the peace in the world here and no distractions!

Sometimes it’s unreal to me that God has created such beautiful places in the world. The ultimate goal is to see it all, InshaAllah!

Even right now I’m writing this post from the bed and all I see infront of me are mountains! It feels like I’m not here, but I know i am!

I’m gonna miss waking up to the views of the mountains, so peaceful. And I’m someone who believes in color therapy too, so the endless green is what I’m gonna miss the most!

Until next time, Kazbegi ♥️

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