Getting pampered at Glam Street Islamabad!

Hello beautiful people!

On Saturday afternoon I was invited by Glam Street Islamabad to check out their amazing salon. As soon as I stepped in, I was instantly fascinated by the interior and ambience of the place. It was definitely unique and cosy. The staff was friendly and helpful.

They were nice enough to invite me for a manicure/pedicure session along with a neck and shoulder massage and face cleansing. I was highly impressed with the services and the professionalism of the staff. The thing about salons in Pakistan is that the staff usually is grumpy! I don’t know why that is, but I’ve noticed it a million times. But at Glam street, there were only happy faces.

As soon as I sat down to get my nails done, I was given a massage and face cleansing along with the mani pedi – and I can’t begin to explain how relaxing it was!! The face cleansing session definitely left my skin smooth, soft and CLEAN. Never underestimate the combo of mani/pedi and neck/shoulder massages! The neck and shoulder massage was to die for, never have I felt so relaxed and calm. If you’re in Islamabad I would definitely recommend checking this place out!!

Styling Clothes You Already Have

It’s super easy to go out and buy pieces from the latest seasonal collections, but always remember, style can’t be bought! At the end of the day, style depends on you and how you end up putting together your outfits. The beauty of styling is that its ABSOLUTELY FREE! I’ve put together a few tips and tricks that will add some personality to your existing outfits.

Roll it:

Long sleeves are meant to be rolled, PERIOD! It is the easiest way to add a cool factor to the most classic, stiff formal shirts.


Fold the damn jeans!

The hemlines of the jeans usually end up covering the best bit of any outfit – the shoes! Roll it up from the bottom and show off those heels! This is such an effortless chic look.


Drape it: 

This is the best way to make any outfit look expensive and chic. I’ve done this plenty of times with my long coats and I absolutely love it. You automatically start feeling cool!


Knot it: 

The best way to define a waistline is by knotting the shirt right in the middle. It is more playful than just tucking your shirt in.


The half tuck: 

Rather than completely tucking your shirt in, try tucking half in and half out. It conveys a more casual look.


Belt it: 

The easiest way to define your waistline is buy adding a belt over and oversized top. It takes a minute to throw on and completes the entire outfit!


Tips: Make your legs look longer

Hello beautiful people!

Quite recently I was at an event where I was told that I’m super lucky to be tall! As much as I love my height, I love heels, I invest in em and keep collecting them. I don’t wear them as much mainly cause I feel I look abnormally tall in ’em. But I love collecting them.My sisters hate me for it but I usually get away with it (perks of being the youngest child!)

So today, I’m going to share a few tips and tricks that will help you look taller by making your legs look longer.

  1. Aim High: invest in plenty of high waisted jeans and skirts. They look best with tops tucked in, they’re super easy to style and are definitely flattering.


  2. Choose your shoes wisely: always wear the right kinda heels that match your trousers or rights. Nude heels are a must have!
  3.  Skirt it up: always opt for dresses and skirts, particularly pencil and A-line styles.6
  4. Vertical patterns: wear bottoms with vertical details, this gives the illusion of longer legs.8
  5. Cropped Jackets: always tuck in your top and wear cropped jackets!


My Top 3 Spring / Summer Looks!

Hello beautiful people!

It’s been a while since I posted on the blog and it’s mainly because life has been crazy busy! There have been a few changes in my lifestyle and work schedule that keeps me caught up and I barely have time to do anything ( I mean I’m on the 4th episode of 13 Reasons Why; & everyone around me has already watched the entire series, kill me.) However, I decided to take some time to myself today and decided to share my top 5 looks for this hot summer thats upon us!



Look 1: Every summer, I dig up my wardrobe and take out all the palazzo pants & skirts! They’re super light weight, comfy and perfect for the summers! This super comfy and gorgeous palazzo pants were discovered in my darling cousin’s wardrobe & obviously I had to steal ’em! Decided to pair it up with an over sized tee & heels!


Look 2: What I love the most about this look are my self designed printed pants and chunky bangles – and who doesn’t love the ‘black & yellow’ combo!



Look 3: The floral top is once again stolen from my cousin’s wardrobe :’) – but florals are always a must have for spring! And my adidas superstars tie the entire look together!

These are my top 3 looks for Spring / Summer. I do plan on getting regular with my blog posts but until then make sure to follow me on Instagram (@msloud07) to keep up & let me know which look is your favorite xx

Azure by Shehrnaz

On 4th March 2017, Shehrnaz launched their latest collection at Ensemble Store, Islamabad. The latest Summer Spring ’17 collection was inspired by blue skies, seas and endless white summer days. The entire collection was mix of summery colors, pinks and blues. Along with this, details such as pearls and flared pants, bell sleeves were also noticed. Stripes and off-shoulder tops are making a huge come back in this collection, keeping you chic and stylish all through out summers! The fabrics used were light and the different kinds of cuts incorporated in every outfit, gives it a very stylish look!

Make sure to drop by at Ensemble Store, Islamabad & Karachi to check out the collection for yourself!

Chill vibes






Hello pretties!

Lately I’ve been super dull with my outfits, quite honestly I don’t feel like dressing up that much, maybe cause it’s winters and its freezing! All I do, is mix and match random things and just throw ’em on. This outfit is an example of that- I paired my white formal shirt with my self designed palazzo pants (you can buy these if you want, they’re in stock [IG: @msloud_official]) , white adidas shoes and my favorite red vintage shawl. I’m not a fan of statement necklaces this season, so I prefer wearing chunky bangles or earrings. Palazzos are a very ‘summer’ trend but personally I don’t believe in trends that much I wear whatever I feel like whenever I feel like.



Hello beautiful people!

Thanks to Instagram, I’ve noticed that these classic tights are making a huge comeback this season. I’m in love with the idea of ’90s trends making a comeback and this specific one can either make you look really really cool or really really tacky, it depends on how you style it. You can layer ’em with your ripped jeans so that it can peek out from under the holes of the jeans or you can show a few inches above your pant’s waistband. You can also style ’em with mini skirts and boots.



Would you wear Fishnets? 


Photo Credits: Pinterest

Trend Alert: Socks & Sandals



Is it just me or are style trends from Britney Spears ’90s music videos making a comeback this winter? That’s right ladies, it’s time to go sock shopping- pick out the most funkiest prints and pair ’em with your heels and sandals. High knee socks are by far the most flattering and winter friendly trends of all time. Pair them with ankle boots, heels, flats – anything and they’ll instantly make you look stylish. It’s highly important that you get the right size of socks, so that it enhances your legs and is comfortable to wear. If you want to be mistaken for a fashion blogger then just buy yourself some socks and wear ’em with heels.




Quick Tips:

  • For parties, try pairing glittery socks with heels.
  • Wear all black, and add a pop of color to your look by wearing red or shocking pink socks with black heels.
  • Try lacy socks with classic black pumps to get your vogue on!
  • Pair grey or black socks with your summer heels or sandals to make it work through winters.



Photo credits: Pinterest

Palazzos & Sweaters

Hello beautiful people!

As mentioned in the previous post, I have an obsession with bringing together eastern and western styles. For this look, I’ve paired my self designed red Palazzo pants with a cosy white sweater, a statement necklace & golden flat pumps. I do love designing my own clothes every now and then, you can check em out on Instagram (@msloud_official). This look is great for casual day plans such as brunches or mall crawls because it’s not too much layering, I personally don’t like layering that much but I tend to feel really really cold in winters- so this is a fabulous way to stay stylish & warm!



Eastern western blend


Hello lovelies!

Today’s post is going to be about styling kurtas in a funky way! I love blending eastern and western styles together, I think its a really cool concept. So for this look, I decided to layer my Khaadi kurta with a monochrome blazer, cropped pants, oxfords and added a pop of color; the handbag. Glammed it up with some chunky bangles and earrings. What I love the most about this look is that it looks chilled out and at the same time you look stylish. You don’t necessarily need to style it the exact same way, you can mix it up according to your taste.