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5 Ways To Deal With Anxiety

Last year, around this time I was diagnosed with ‘Severe Anxiety Disorder’ and honestly, it was really bad at the time. I was always in fear and my symptoms always made me feel like I’m either falling sick or dying, but therapy helped me deal with it in some ways, it made me aware of it I understood the causes for it and tried to make sense of it but it still comes and goes in ways.

So there are a few things that I usually do to help myself get through it – these may or may not work for you but I do hope it helps someone in some way.

  1. Meditation : this is something that you’ve probably heard a million times before, I did too and I would always diss the idea in my head until one fine day it got so bad that I had no choice but to try it – and it changed my life. I use an app called ‘Oak’ and when I started I would do 15 min sessions twice a day and that really helped me calm the hell down. You can choose the duration of your session depending on how you feel, now mostly I end up doing a 10 min session once a day. The app is completely free and one of the best apps I’ve come across for meditation (not an ad).
  2. Sleep well & get a weighted blanket: this can do wonders! If you have trouble sleeping, try taking a melatonin or sleeping teas they help you relax and get the rest you deserve. Weighted blankets help alot with anxiety, Deep pressure stimulation has been proven to induce calm and alleviate symptoms of stress. I switched to it last year and now I can’t sleep in a normal blanket. You can find them on Amazon or even Ikea!
  3. 15 mins of physical movement: I’m not into fitness, which is really sad because I want to be the kind of person who works out, maybe I will become that person soon! But I do aim to walk outdoors for 15 mins, just to catch some fresh air and get the body moving.
  4. Self help books: they’ve HELPED me SO much! When you read more about things that you’re facing it comforts you and helps you deal with it better. The two books that helped me are: ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’ by Matt Haig & ‘The Comfort Book’ by Matt Haig.
  5. Write it down and get it out or listen to a podcast: somedays I just go for a long walk and listen to a 40mins podcast, that way I’ve gotten some movement in and my brain feels refreshed as well. Podcasts are great! Writing things down will help you get your feelings out and when you feel troubled or low, write about it and then keep adding ‘why’ to the end of the sentence till you break it down. For example: ‘I’m feeling negative today’, add a ‘why’ to it and keep doing it till you understand the problem in you!

I hope these techniques help someone out there. Anxiety is brutal and I send my love to you. If you ever want to talk, reach out to me on my Instagram: msloud07 – I’d be more than happy to help!

All my love x

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