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5 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Lion King

So many Disney remakes are happening, it’s crazy. The Lion King is a classic which is why it was on my to do list during the weekend. The live remake wasn’t so bad to be honest I know people are disappointed but I was okay with it.

Let’s begin, shall we..



Why would anyone call their kid ‘Scar’, of course that kid is going to turn out evil


I could relate to Scar’s mood more than anything


Timon and Pumba are HILARIOUS


How can Simba be so buff by just consuming worms and shizzz


Why would you not include the bit where Rafiki talks to Simba about the past



The real MVPs are Timon and Pumbaa for sticking by with Simba and teaching him the ‘HAKUNA MATATA’ I mean the kid needed that, I needed that.


Personally, I love ‘The Lion King’, I have the animated version playing in the background while I write this post. God bless Disney for making the BEST movies ever! 

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