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How To Practice Self Care When Things Are Rough

It happens to the best of us; you know that phase where you’re just not up for anything. It could be because of different kinds of changes in your life such as starting up a new job or maybe the end or beginning of a new relationship, or it could just be anxiety that most of us go through because we end up worrying about the future or get worked up about the past.

Social media doesn’t help either, I mean it’s great that there is a platform where you can share things about your life but it’s so filtered, it’s like people get panicky about their lives on the basis of someone else’s filtered reality (and I’m guilty of this too, it’s hard to train your mind not to get bothered by these things)

I’ll be honest, the last couple of months have just been strange for me. Its been a constant relapse/reboot kind of a situation and I’ve just been trying to cope with it in the best way that I can.

So I’ve decided to share a few self care tips that I practice when things are cray cray 


Drink a lot of water


This is such a cliche, but it’s true! Call me crazy but my mood actually is bad on days when I consume less water as compared to days when I’m on three big bottles of water. It’s weird but it’s true, drink water as much as you can – hydration is good for the mood and the skin.



Either wear your favorite perfume or have scented candles next to your bed. I have a habit of spraying my favorite perfume on my pillow before sleeping I don’t know the logic behind it but it somewhat helps. Plus I love scented candles, I always have a few next to my bed when I’m reading or just laying in bed watching pointless videos on YouTube.

Start taking multi vitamins


Vitamins are important especially when you’re not eating right and I usually do avoid eating when I’m in a ‘bad phase’ mainly because it makes me slightly nauseas. The vitamins that I take are called ‘Centrum’, and trust me it’s the best! Pop one before going to bed, it makes sure that you get your basic vitamins in the system.

Go to your favorite place


This can be anything depends from person to person. Whenever I’m low or upset or going through a rough patch I find myself heading to the beach at night or going to Jebel Jais (which is this mountain place in the UAE, Dubai peeps would know). Just sitting and reflecting on life sometimes helps. And I’m a nature baby so I love being around water or mountains, it’s good for the soul and makes my heart happy always!

Reconnect with your friends


People tend to shut everyone out when they’re going through a bad time. It’s natural and understandable but don’t do that. Force yourself to get out and meet some of your good friends, go bowling or watch a movie – anything to keep your mind off things for a while. It’s important, it’s necessary.

Read good books


Reading helps SO much it’s unbelievable. If you’re an over thinker like me then you need to get into the habit of reading before bed. Break the habit of seeing your phone screen before sleeping and READ. The book that I’m currently reading is called, ‘A New Earth‘ by  Eckhart Tolle and I highly recommend it.

Make sure to try these tips whenever you feel like you’re in a bad phase, I hope it helps. 


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these tips. I’ve found that drinking water and going to my happy places help! But what about if your friends have shut you out? I’m in that situation right now where my friends have sort of all just let me go after I told them I was struggling. I don’t hear from them at all and when I reach out I don’t get a response or someone gets mad/angry. Just wondering because not all situations can be solved by talking to friends, if they don’t communicate with you.

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