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3 Stylish Lazy Day Outfits ft. Shein

Be it university or work life, every girl has days when she just can’t be bothered dressing up.

But then again none of us really like getting out of the house looking like homeless mofos, am I right or am I right?

Luckily thanks to certain clothing pieces you can walk out of the house looking fab and effortless and also be comfortable at the same time.

Shein has become one of my favorite online stores to shop from, I personally think that their buying team is LIT, they have an eye for super chic things that’s for sure. 

But first a few tips and tricks!

  • Invest in GOOD sweatpants that fit you well. They’re a life saver for days when you absolutely don’t feel like dolling up.
  • Over sized graphic t-shirts – ever since I was 17 I’ve always found myself shopping for t-shirts from the men’s section, some how they’re more comfortable and lets face it they look super cool all tucked in and sleeves rolled up.
  • Accessorize – invest in chunky earrings and layered necklaces they’ll take you a long way for sure.

Now here are a few looks that I’ve put together for outfit ideas

  1. Sweatpants + Over sized t-shirt + Chunky earrings 

Get the hoops, shirt, pants here.

This is my absolute go to look. It is super comfortable and you look FAB depending on how you carry this look. I personally like wearing big shades and chunky earrings if I’m pulling off the t-shirt sweatpants look, and then I complete the look with a good pair of sneakers and a big tote bag!

2. Jeans + Printed Top + Loafers 

Get the jeans, top and loafers here.

Invest in printed tops as much as you can because they come quite in handy on lazy days, especially floral prints. A chic printed top paired with jeans and loafers is yet another look you can rock on days when you’re feeling the blue.

3. Casual Long Dresses

Get both the looks here.

My absolute favorite is pairing casual long dresses with sneakers or gladiators, especially when you’re living in Dubai and the weather is mostly hot and humid – dresses come in handy!

What are some of your lazy day outfits? Do let me know!

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