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How To Dress Like Sophie From How I Met Your Father

Finally, a GOOD light hearted show! I’ve been a huge fan of HIMYM and what I absolutely love about HIMYF is that Hilary Duff’s the main lead!!

The show is based around ‘Sophie’s life and her journey of searching for love in 2022! What I was most looking forward to in this show was her fashion sense, and let’s just say – I’m not disappointed at all! I love her looks in all the episodes so far and here’s how you can dress like her!

Her style in the show is very casual chic! Considering that she is a struggling photographer- they’ve kept her style very affordable and sophisticated.

Key pointers:

Invest in a lot of printed tops, cropped tops aren’t all that bad if you style them according to your body type. Wear earrings & most of all, feel comfy in whatever you’re wearing!

Some of her looks from the show

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