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Mr.Kate inspired Soda Bottle Stamped Pants!

Hello lovelies!

So this morning I woke up super creative & felt like doing a DIY project! As you all are well aware I’ve been reading Mr.Kate‘s book,’A Hot Glue Gun Mess’ if you love fashion and DIY projects then you have to get this book.

One of the DIY’s that really inspired me in the book, was ‘Soda Bottle Stamped Pants’, and I thought why not recreate it. I went into my wardrobe picked out my old purple jeans, some black fabric paint and a tin of coca cola!

DIY diy1 DIY! DIY2 diy3 diy5


The first step is to pour some fabric paint on a plate or cardboard, take the soda tin press it into the paint and onto the pants. Repeat this process until you’re happy with it. It can be as messy or as neat as you want it to be. I personally think the messier the better!

Do try this DIY out and let me know how it turns out x

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