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My experience at Kozma & Kozma 

Hello beautiful people!

So quite recently I paid a visit to an American Salon known as Kozma & Kozma. It is located in Jumeirah on Al-Wasl road. I was super excited to check this place out and when I finally got there I was immediately impressed with the interior and vibe of the place. It was very chic and soothing. Not only do they take care of your pampering needs but also pay attention to your sweeth tooth! The waiting area had a drinks bar & a candy station – and this was a win/win situation for me! They have their own creative drinks that you can indulge in while getting pampered.

I got a single hair color done along with a blow dry. I just wanted to get my look refreshed and I was pretty happy with it. My stylist Julia, gave me some great hair tips and the whole atmosphere of the place was super relaxing (I’m not even kidding!)

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I’m super happy to have found this amazing Salon that has great services and a good vibe. Every staff is well trained and know exactly what you would want! Make sure to check this place out.


Kozma & Kozma Website.

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