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Self Pampering Session

Self Pampering Session

Every once in a while, its important to sit back, relax and focus on nothing but yourself. It’s super important to pamper yourself once in a while to re energize  your body and soul. And if you want good / glowing skin then well, you have to work for it!


Usually I prefer doing a mini spa session at home with some of my favorite scrubs & masks. Recently, I was sent a package by 7th Heaven that included plenty of masks for me to try out. So today I decided to put on the Argon Mud Oil mask. The first thing that I usually notice is the scent of the mask, and this smelled of rose water which I love! The benefit of this mud mask is that it reaches to the pores and gets rid of the clogged toxins that mostly end up causing acne, blackheads, eczema etc.

mudmask5.JPG mudmask2
In love with my lights! Find yours at

I left the mask on for a good 10-15 mins, in the mean time I decided to catch up on my reading, I’m currently reading the ‘Hot Glue Gun Mess’ by Mr.Kate! If you’re into fashion and DIY projects then you should definitely check this book out! On the side I like having some music on, just to turn off the noise and thoughts in my brain.

Here’s what I’m listening to this week:

  • Selena Gomez – Kill em with Kindness
  • James Bay- Let it go
  • Lucie Silvas- Villain
  • Kygo- Firestone
  • The Chainsmokers- Roses
  • DNCE- Cake by the Ocean

The best way to relax is literally by putting some music on and reading a good book. And well either pampering yourself with masks or doing your nails or watching a really cool movie while doing all this. It really depends on you and what you like!

So, after washing my face I noticed that my skin was well moisturized and had a super soft texture. I have super dry skin, so usually after using any kind of masks I have to apply moisturizer asap, but not after this mask.

If you’re looking into good masks within 10 bucks, make sure to check out 7th Heaven’s mask range – they are available in Claires (Arabian Center) , Carrefour & Spinneys!

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