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4 Items To Pick from the Men Section

I have a habit of checking out the men’s section whenever I go shopping. I’ve always been a wee bit of a tom boy and I absolutely love checking out men’s wear and sometimes even investing in em!

Here’s what you should keep an eye out for:

1) Hoodies & Sweaters:

Product/Photo Credits: H&M

Lets face it, who doesn’t like wearing cosy over sized sweaters and hoodies in winters?! They definitely last longer than the ones from the women’s section.

2) Printed Buttoned Half sleeve shirt:

Product/Photo Credits: H&M

I find these shirts pretty cool! The colors and prints in this style are to die for. The good thing is that these shirts aren’t cropped, usually I do find similar shirts in the woman’s section but they are either cropped or the length of the sleeve is longer. So this is definitely worth checking out!

3) Formal Shirts:

Product/Photo Credits: H&M

More specifically, men’s formal shirts from ZARA & H&M! These shirts are perfect for a more casual chic look. Pair this up with boyfriend jeans and you’re good to go! Also they’re great to layer with T shirts and Maxi dresses.


Product/Photo Credits: ZARA and H&M

I’m sure a lot of you will agree with me when I say that the men’s section has really cool laptop bags, hand carry, backpacks etc! And they happen to be spacious and reliable for a long time.

So make sure to check out these items the next time you go shopping!


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