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Style | How to style fancy short dresses for not so fancy days!

Hello fashion lovers!

Today’s post is going to be (as the title already suggests) about how to style short dresses. This could be for ordinary days when you don’t really know if you’re going for a girly chic look or something casual. One of the reasons I styled two of my favorite dresses is because as much as I love them I don’t really get a chance to wear it often cause short dresses aren’t really in style as they used to be.


For the first look:

This purple balloon dress is what I wore on my 16th birthday and I never bothered wearing it again, mainly cause balloon dresses aren’t in style anymore. But pair this with a cropped top, add a statement necklace and some funky lacy shoes and you’re good to go. It’s not too dressy or too hipster, it’s just right. And if you know me at all, then you’re aware that this is more my style.


For the second look:

I decided to pair up my classy plain black dress with a bold white cropped top and a delicate peach statement necklace with plain black heels.

The whole idea is to pair your fancy dresses that are too tight or not worn in a while with cropped tops and stockings or jeans (if you want)

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