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Must have nail paint for Winters’14


If you’re anything like me, then you do like applying nail paint once in a while. Winters is all about warm/dark colors such as maroon, beige and grey.

When it comes to nail polishes I like keeping it dark and subtle to blend it in with my winter outfits which are usually in shades of grey or beige.

So here are the 4 absolute must haves for this season! The nail polishes listed below are products of Lo’real Paris.

Color Riche Nail 875 Kimono Empire
875 Kimono Empire

1) 875 Kimono Empire – which is a a shade of dark purple, perfect to wear with grey or black outfits. Definitely a must have!!

Color Riche Nail 888 Mademoiselle Grey
888 Mademoiselle Grey

2)888 Mademoiselle Grey- those of you who know me personally, are very much aware of my obsession with the color grey. I think this is perfect to pair up with outfits that are beige or pastel.

Color Riche Nail 870 Fourreau Inferno
Fourreau Inferno 

3)870 Fourreau Inferno- this is a shade of maroon, which according to me is definitely one of the ‘winter shades’. Nothing says winter better than the color maroon or in this case, a shade of it.


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