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Photography: recent photographs.


As many of you know, I have my own photography page, that I started up way back in 2011 but I was never regular with it initially, and now it happens to be one of my most active social media! 
I was recently asked; ‘ why are my latest photographs not ‘professional’ enough?’ And well I’m sure many of you are thinking about that too. Well, for starters; I honestly don’t care about mainstream photography. I don’t care about how society may describe photography today. I like creating art. I like posting pictures that have a bit of a personal touch to them. And more importantly, I like sharing a piece of me through my photographs. Some of you may like what I do, some of you may not. But please know, we’re all here to do what we love. Your dictionary may define photography as something else but for me it’s an expression. My purpose is to create art through photographs, that end up making me happy. 
Initially I was very conscious of what I’d put up on my page. But now it’s just a platform for me to display my work. Nothing super professional or anything. Just a way to showcase my work and express myself. 
Cause I figured, you won’t do great things at all if you only stick to what society thinks is right or wrong. 
The rule is simple, do more of what makes YOU happy. 
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