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Bloglovin: The most random-est thought!

Lately I’ve just been observing everyone around me. I see people trying so hard to be something, faking it; just to BE something. The sad part is that we’re already ourselves, why try to be something you’re not?  To gain popularity? To be ‘liked’?

When I started blogging, my main focus was fashion blogging. Then slowly I started noticing how most of the people around me started fashion blogging too. Now this is just something small, but it just made me feel like I need to take a break from it and back off. Even though I love what I do! I love photography, I love writing fashion blog posts; I love what I do! Being a media student kinda pushes me in this direction automatically.

But till 2014 ends, I just want to take a step back observe everything going on around me and come back with a blast!

Till then, keep up with my photography!
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