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To all my make up lovers!

This is a much delayed post, I’ve had a few products for over two weeks now that I’ve been meaning to post about but I honestly didn’t have the time, but the good news is that I’ve used them quite a lot over the last few weeks to actually post an honest opinion about it.

The first is the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel, which comes in 4 colors; black, brown, charcoal and eggplant. I’ve previously used black, which was perfect for dramatic eyes. This time however, I have the eggplant (purple) shade and I personally love it! I like how the purple (eggplant) gel is dramatic but not too harsh, and can be worn on daily basis. Apart from this, it’s long lasting and waterproof and it can be easily removed with make up removers. It comes with an eyeliner brush applicator which can be used to apply the gel liner easily.

Second, Maybelline Colorama New York Lip Gloss, I personally don’t usually wear lip gloss, I prefer lip balms. But I really like how subtle this shade is, it’s not sticky like most glosses and has a fruity scent to it. 

Third, Color Show Nail Lacquer in Hibiscus Haven, which I’ve worn for almost 3 days and it doesn’t chip off and comes with an easy flow brush which makes it easier to apply.


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