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DIY: clean your make up brushes!


I was recently cleaning up my make up stack when I realized that I couldn’t remember the last time I cleaned up my make up brushes!

It’s highly important to clean your brushes on regular basis. By reusing your dirty brushes you’re picking up dead skin, bacteria and toxins that can lead to acne. Whatever you use on your face, should always be clean, VERY clean.

Apart from that, washing the brushes regularly makes them more durable and long lasting.

The method that I use to clean my make up brushes is the vinegar and water mixture method. Vinegar works as a natural disinfectant so you’re not only cleaning your brushes but also disinfecting them at the same time. Apart from this, vinegar is cheap and let’s face it, there’s always some lying around the house.

So for this you will need a bowl, vinegar, and cold water. The quantity for vinegar and water is up to you but make sure to use equal parts of both.

Soak the brushes in the mixture and gently scrub them and rinse off in cold water.

And finally squeeze off the excess water with a towel and leave them to dry. Make sure to dry them while its flat rather than facing upwards because that will allow the water to run down to the base of the brushes and ruin it.


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