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Shoe Trends ALERT!

The season of fall is upon us, and now is the perfect time to update your closet! This season is all about trench coats, sweaters, hoodies & boots! 
Here’s a list of the top shoe trends for fall 2014:
Suede Wedges
Image Source: Forever 21 website.
Buckled faux leather boots
Image Source: Forever 21 website. 
Chukka Wedge Bootie
Image Source: Forever 21 website. All products can be bought online:
My personal favorite happen to be the ‘wedge bootie’, mainly because they’re so comfortable. I don’t usually wear heels, cause the blisters after wearing ’em just don’t let me sleep! Hence, my personal shoe style this fall, definitely will be the wedge shoes. Apart from the comfort level, I just like how they can addoh I just threw this on’ look to any outfit. Casual yet chic! 

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