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Photodiary: Sweet escape

Being a part of this crazy world, I’ve realized that everyone tends to have a place; a sweet escape, where they can just fly or drive off to. For me that place happens to be Islamabad. I mean what kind of a blogger would I be if I didn’t share a big part of my own world?!

I’m originally from Lahore, Pakistan but I’ve been bought up in the UAE which happens to give me the best of both worlds, literally! The first time that I visited Islamabad was back in 2007, and I instantly fell in love with it. The weather, the food, the mountains, the lifestyle & the people! Everything fascinated me in an instant. It was then, that I decided to drop everything, and visit at least once a year. And I’m kind of glad that I did.

I’ve met some incredible people who’ve taught me so much about life, patience, and helped me bring out the best version of myself.

If you haven’t found your ‘sweet escape’ yet, make sure to think about it. Everyone should have a place where they can just run off to and BE.

PS: do drop me an email, sharing a bit of your own ‘sweet escape’, I would love to hear from you xx


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