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How To Get Rid Of Your Mask Acne!

Thank you coronavirus!

Mask Acne ‘Maskne’ is a real thing!

I know a lot of you agree – as someone who has been regularly wearing the mask for a good one year now (FY Covid!) I’ve realized that you can get acne very easily because of your mask AND you can get rid of them SUPER QUICKLY as well!

Here’s how!

It is literally just WASHING YOUR FACE. I know it sounds simple but this i something that a lot of people put off or ignore as soon as they get home.

The key is to wash your face as soon as your take your mask off, not watching an episode of friends and then eventually getting to it. Because by that time all the bacteria has settled in your pores which is SUPER bad for your skin.

Washing your face twice is a MUST!

Once in the morning and once in the evening with a gentle cleanser that works well with your skin. Most people just end up splashing water on their face in the shower without realizing that your skin needs major TLC everyday.

It is important to wash away the sweat, spit and breath that collects under your mask.

Here are three gentle face cleansers that work brilliantly:

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