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Dubai Rainy Day Outfit Ideas

Dubai peeps will love this one!

So it’s no surprise that it’s been raining cats and dogs outside. UAE hasn’t witnessed rain like that in a few years now.

So many floods and traffic congestions, it’s a lil crazy out there. But I’ve always been someone who loves RAIN. I just do.

So obviously I had to share a few outfit ideas that you could probably take inspiration from for work or college or whatever.

Keep scrolling!


Teddy coats & loafers:

I got this teddy coat from Shein and it has been my go to item this winters. I love it, it’s so cozy and looks cute af!


Denim on denim + Troopa boots:

You need to invest in a good pair of troopa boots for winters. It is an ABSOLUTE MUST! Forever 21 has some amazing ones that last for a good 2-3 years.


Hoodie + sneakers:

The most basic and comfy outfit for sure. Invest in a good hoodie that will last you for a while and you can just throw it on and pair it with tights or jeans and head out. Effortlessly chic.


Men’s sweater:

I love shopping from the men’s section, I feel like the sweaters are much cozier for some reason.


Long coats & uggs:

Be sure to have at least two statement long coats that you can use on and off.


Caps & jackets:

I stole this men’s jacket from a very good friend of mine, and it has always been my favorite one. Jeans + jacket+ your favorite cap = comfy rainy day outfit.

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