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The Ultimate Outfit Guide To A Pakistani Wedding

Glamming up for Desi weddings can be a REAL challenge. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love weddings! The dances, the decorations, the prepping – ALL of it! But it can be a little crazy sometimes.

One of my good friends is getting married next month and I’ve only been putting together outfits and make up looks that I wanna pull off. It’s so exciting I personally love the ‘shaadi’ mahol (wedding environment). 

It just makes my heart happy.

So I thought of putting some inspiration together for anyone who needs it. If you’re a Pakistani then you know that November & December are officially the wedding seasons.

Mehndi Inspo

All photos are from Pinterest

The perfect colors to wear on a Mehndi event are orange, purple, yellow, blue & pink! Basically all bright colors.

But if you’re someone who likes minimalism then plain white with hints of different colors can also work.

But I personally love wearing yellow – it’s typical but it feels very traditional & you gotta love that.

Baraat Inspo


All photos are from Pinterest

Shararas, ghararas and gowns in shades of gold, ivory and maroon are IDEAL for a Baraat event. It all depends on the kind of style you want to wear for instance, a short kameez with capri pants works for this event or a full fledge floor length gown – anything you want!

Or mix it up wear a short kameez with gharara pants and go all out! ANYTHING YOU WANT!

Valima Inspo

All photos are from Pinterest

Dusty gold, grey and peach are the perfect colors to wear on a Valima. It adds a touch of elegance and you can pull it off whether it’s a day or a night event.

I can’t wait to share my own outfits for the upcoming wedding so be sure to follow me on Instagram @msloud07 

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