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Travel: What I Wore In Istanbul

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now but let’s just say I’ve been quite distracted by a lot of random things. However, without further ado – I’m going to be talking about the outfits that I’ve on my trip to Turkey.

For simplicity purpose, I’m going to divide it up and do a round up of my outfits based on cities. I went to three beautiful cities in Turkey so I’m going to share the outfits that I wore in Istanbul in this post.

Personally, Istanbul somewhat gave me very Dubai vibes maybe because I was in Antalya and Cappadocia before that and I fell in love with those places. They were so unique, I still miss it so much.

But anyway, coming back to the post.

I present to you the outfits that I wore in Istanbul



I can’t even begin to tell you guys how comfy this outfit was. I paired this maxi dress with my adidas sneakers and pink bag (that I got from Turkey itself). 

Added some gold hoop earrings, my ray bans and hair scrunchies for arm candy because FASSHHUUUNNNN.

The effortlessly cool girl look


I remember this day, it’s when I went to see the Princess Island and it was magical.

I wanted to be comfy in whatever I wore SO again I shopped a lot from Turkey and I just ended up wearing everything I got.

So this pink top and green pants were perfect for this day. I roughly got this entire outfit for 25 dhs I think, which is a GREAT DEAL! You will enjoy shopping in Turkey!

Floral Chic



I love prints, I really do.

So when I saw this dress in Antalya I knew I wanted it. I paired it up with my black gladiators, a red statement bad (which again I got from there). 

And tied a what I call, an Ariana Grande pony tail and I was good to go!

The goody good


I don’t usually dress up this cute, I mean my personal style is more boho/cool/ easy going.

But I still loved this look. Everything you see in these photos – I got it from Turkey except the skirt, stole that from my sister’s wardrobe!

That’s all for now!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post I need to get regular at blogging and hopefully I will!

All my love x

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