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5 Thoughts I Had While Watching Aladdin

Okay so I managed to watch Aladdin for the second time around this weekend because well, I meannnn it’s a Disney classic!

Here are a few thoughts that I had while watching it:

  • Aladdin should’ve been played by someone like Zayn Malik: initially, very initially this was my first thought, I wasn’t feeling it. He seemed too blah to me.ala


  • BUT THEN HE DANCED: that one bit where he’s dancing with the genie, my oh my, I died. I don’t know why it’s such a bonus when a guy can dance. I don’t know what it is but I LIKE IT!
  • HOW IS JASMINE SO PRETTY?! : keeping the pretty aside, I love how they touched up on feminism. The bit where she has this rage within because everyone constantly asks her to keep her opinions to herself and how she’s not good enough to rule a kingdom, all of it. I think it’s so great for Disney to touch up on these things so that the upcoming generation is aware of it too.
  • All the places in Aladdin reminded me of the PubG grounds *facepalm* : If you don’t play PubG then just ignore this bit, but for real I spotted Sanhok, Paradise Resort and Erangel.
  • Can I have a Genie already? : I love that Will Smith played the role of the Genie, he did such a FAB job! Also, I think it’s important to be as funny about life as the Genie, if that makes sense.
genie genie2

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