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Make Your Eyes Pop

I’ve always had trouble making my eyes pop, if you too have small eyes like mine then keep reading.

A few years ago, there was a huge trend of wearing ‘kajal’, it was supposed to make your eyes more prominent but what no-one knew back then was that it would make your eyes appear smaller than usual. Thanks to the take over of Gossip Girl the ‘Kajal’ trend disappeared.

Now here are a few tips and tricks for making your eyes pop

  1. Cover your dark circles: invest in a good concealer and make sure you cover up your dark circles well. The one that I’m currently using is by Huda Beauty and it is magic! So see what works for you and just invest in it. Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 3.56.05 AM
  2. Light eyeliner, light eyeshadow: less is more, always remember that so make sure you apply nude eye shadow on your eye lids and when it comes do eye liner, do what I do, just a light wing around the edges nothing else.eye
  3. Curl up the lashes and apply lots and lots of mascara: mascara is a game changer honestly. I usually have a habit of applying multiple coats of mascara before stepping out, I don’t like fake lashes which is why I prefer taking my time and applying. mascara

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