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Fashion Inspiration from the 90s


So lately I feel like I’ve been a little bored of the latest fashion trends. Every store that I go to has nothing new, everything seems the same. I feel like I should just start designing my own clothes. The trends aren’t really inspiring, so thanks to the internet I decided to take inspiration from the style icons of the ’90s. I would kill to be a part of the ’90s fashion scene right now. Everything was so much more bolder and inspiring. So on this lazy Sunday, I’m just going to be sharing a few photos from the ’90s! I hope this inspires you in some way or the other. If not then oh well, you saw some pretty photos today.

12Ron Galella Archive - File Photos 2011

Julia Roberts: You gotta love her from famously rocking the men’s wear and unisex clothing and bringing back this trend in style! She has stolen the public’s heart with some of her amazing rom coms, my personal favorite being ‘My best friend’s wedding.’ I love her effortlessly chic style! I think I’m currently taking inspiration from the print on print look! (that’s my favorite!)

Six Days & Seven Nights Premiere




Jennifer Aniston: If there’s anyone who can rock any look, it’s Jennifer Aniston! I think the ’90s was all about ‘Rachel,’ her style is legit a combination of sexy and sophistication. Personally, I’m obsessed with her! She’s my girl crush for sure!!

Drew Barrymore & Winona Ryder: the 90s fashion scene would be incomplete without  these two divas! Their style in the 90s was comfy and casual which made a statement on its own!

Are you willing to bring back these trends back from the 90s?

Let me know in the comments below!


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