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Good skin

Hello beautiful people!

So I keep getting messages on my Instagram on skincare routine. Great skin isn’t a myth you gotta work for it. Personally I feel like we tend to ignore the basic skincare that’s required everyday. I know people who invest in a lot of expensive skin care products and aren’t truly happy with the results.


So here are a few necessarily things that you should be doing (according to me) for your skin:

  1. Find a face wash that works well for your skin and try to wash your face three times a day. Yes it may seem like a lot but trust me it’s necessary.
  2. Avoid towels: I personally feel like re using towels may have some bacteria on it which is why I think it’s better to use tissues instead of towels.s3
  3. Drink water: you may have heard this a gazillion times but trust me, water is EVERYTHING. Drink infused water if you don’t like normal water! I aim at drinking 2 litres everyday!s4
  4. Fresh fruit juices: wherever I go I order fresh juices without sugar. Even at home I tend to make juices with any fruit available. Fruits are great for the skin.s5
  5. Moisturize with sunblock: the sun can really damage your skin and it’s the number cause of aging. It can cause wrinkles and sunspots which is why it’s necessary to step out with tonnes on sunblock on your face (especially in Dubai!)s1
  6. Home made masks work the best! I love making myself a honey-lemon mask, and I keep it on for a good half an hour. The best part about home made masks are that you can apply it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night because it’s all natural!

Pay attention to your skin ladies!

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