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Madiha Qaiser glammed me up!

Hello beautiful people!

So if you regularly follow me on Instagram then you’re aware that I had a huge wedding this summer and it was insane! The thing about desi weddings is that you always always always have to doll up! Even if you don’t want to, you still have to. I’m personally very hesitant when it comes to getting my hair and make up done. I feel like alot of make up doesn’t suit my baby face. But my sister booked me an appointment with Madiha Qaiser anyway!

I loved her work space, the studio was cozy and glamorous at the same time. I only had my outfit with me and I was blank. I didn’t know what kind of eye make or hair I wanted. Basically I was confused as hell, then Madiha started with my make up and suggested some hair styles. When she was done with me, I felt like a diva! 🌟 In that moment, I wish I had her around every single day so I would look that flawless 👀

Madiha Qaiser is a celebrity stylist and make up artist based in Lahore.

Instagram: @madiha.qaiser

Please know that this is not a promotional post, I GENUINELY LIKED HER WORK AND THIS POST IS MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION.

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