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Table Talk Deli

So yesterday I was invited by Table Talk Deli to try out their amazing food and cozy space. Inside, was a mini deli/library. The whole set up was so full of character, the interior was Scandinavian inspired and had a minimalistic yet cozy vibe to it. I personally love all things unique, so this deli was a lovely place for me to sit in. If delis aren’t your style, I would still suggest you check it out just to experience it for yourself.

Food/Dessert rating: 4/5

Freshly made and delicious. I had the slider burgers, chicken pot pie, chicken wings, mini pizzas & chocolate brownies. Everything was so well cooked and full of flavor I couldn’t stop eating!

Drinks: 4/5

I had a mint lemonade, which seemed quite fresh and chilled. The menu definitely has something for everyone!

Wifi – 5/5
Easy to log into and find and very good speed. Perfect for afternoons on your laptop whilst eating burgers drinking lemonades, or instagramming your food photos!

Atmosphere: 5/5

For me, this place has so much character. The best thing about Table Talk Deli is that its so DIFFERENT than every other place in Islamabad. There was a mini library in collaboration with London Book Co. where you can also order books that you want and they will get it for you. It’s just such a nice place to chill at after work or on a lazy Sunday!

Seats Available – 4/5

It may appear quite small from the outside, but Table Talk Deli is actually very spacious and has a good number of tables depending on the size of your food-and-drinks-friends. There is also a very cute terrace where you can enjoy the winter evenings!

If you are planning on visiting, you will find Table Talk Deli in Kohsar Market F6!

I’m definitely going to be visiting again!

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