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The Denim Story

Summer is officially here! (does that mean it’s time to say bye to the jackets and coats?) Well, not really !

I’ve seen people walk around in their black leather jackets when its 50 Degrees outside! And I couldn’t help but wonder if it’s the commitment to fashion or the fact that it’s always freezing in malls. If you live in Dubai or visited Dubai (which I’m sure you have) then you’re aware of the fact that you end up spending most of your time in malls, shopping, eating or watching movies! That’s the Dubai life for you!

This post is purely dedicated to my statement denim jacket that I instantly fell in love with at a store in Islamabad. The store is called BeOneShopOne, and I found the jacket on sale, 50% off!!!

The only problem was that it wasn’t available in my size, so I ended up buying an XL and I think it was the smartest decision ever! I personally love over sized t-shirts and jackets, they’re super comfy and give you an effortless chic look! So I’m gonna be sharing with you all lovely people some of the ways that I styled my over sized statement denim jacket!

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