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Styling Clothes You Already Have

It’s super easy to go out and buy pieces from the latest seasonal collections, but always remember, style can’t be bought! At the end of the day, style depends on you and how you end up putting together your outfits. The beauty of styling is that its ABSOLUTELY FREE! I’ve put together a few tips and tricks that will add some personality to your existing outfits.

Roll it:

Long sleeves are meant to be rolled, PERIOD! It is the easiest way to add a cool factor to the most classic, stiff formal shirts.


Fold the damn jeans!

The hemlines of the jeans usually end up covering the best bit of any outfit – the shoes! Roll it up from the bottom and show off those heels! This is such an effortless chic look.


Drape it: 

This is the best way to make any outfit look expensive and chic. I’ve done this plenty of times with my long coats and I absolutely love it. You automatically start feeling cool!


Knot it: 

The best way to define a waistline is by knotting the shirt right in the middle. It is more playful than just tucking your shirt in.


The half tuck: 

Rather than completely tucking your shirt in, try tucking half in and half out. It conveys a more casual look.


Belt it: 

The easiest way to define your waistline is buy adding a belt over and oversized top. It takes a minute to throw on and completes the entire outfit!


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