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Tips: Make your legs look longer

Hello beautiful people!

Quite recently I was at an event where I was told that I’m super lucky to be tall! As much as I love my height, I love heels, I invest in em and keep collecting them. I don’t wear them as much mainly cause I feel I look abnormally tall in ’em. But I love collecting them.My sisters hate me for it but I usually get away with it (perks of being the youngest child!)

So today, I’m going to share a few tips and tricks that will help you look taller by making your legs look longer.

  1. Aim High: invest in plenty of high waisted jeans and skirts. They look best with tops tucked in, they’re super easy to style and are definitely flattering.


  2. Choose your shoes wisely: always wear the right kinda heels that match your trousers or rights. Nude heels are a must have!
  3.  Skirt it up: always opt for dresses and skirts, particularly pencil and A-line styles.6
  4. Vertical patterns: wear bottoms with vertical details, this gives the illusion of longer legs.8
  5. Cropped Jackets: always tuck in your top and wear cropped jackets!

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