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Pakistani Brand – Stylifyd

Stylifyd is a brand based in Pakistan that aims at creating funky  T-shirts and hoodies along with emoji cushions that can light up any room. The brand was founded in 2013 and is handled by 8-10 people. The best part about this brand is that you can get your hands on very different and hip styles that will be trending all over social media. They have a variety of shirts based on iconic TV shows such as Friends and Game of Thrones, which is a MUST HAVE, along with super heroes and football club hoodies!


The price range of their T shirts starts from 600PKR – 1500PKR and gets delivered within 2-4 days.

About The Team Behind Stylifyd.Com


Mr. Shahzad Ali (CEO & Founder At

Shahzad Ali founded in January 2013 since then its been 3 years for Stylifyd. Shahzad leading the team from the front and has built the name Stylifyd in all over Pakistan. Shahzad has got many great ideas to bring in Stylifyd.Com. His company Stylifyd.Com is currently at No. 10th in Pakistan with serving best qualities of Tshirts and other products.


Mr. Rohail Ramzan Ali (Customer Support Executive & Co-CEO At Stylifyd.Com)

Rohail Ramzan Ali joined Stylifyd.Com in April 2014 he is the youngest worker at Stylifyd.Com he is currently 17 and with all his experiences he has guided the team to the path of success with Shahzad Ali. Its been 2 years for Rohail to be a part of Stylifyd.Com team and working at this level with creative ideas for the business. Rohail has got a lot of potential to lead Stylifyd.Com till many years to come.



Stylifyd.Com consists of 8 members they are as follows:-

  1. Shahzad Ali (CEO & Founder
  2. Rohail Ramzan Ali (Customer Support Executive & Co-CEO)
  3. Syed Mujtaba Kamal (Call Center)
  4. Fawad Ali (Editor)
  5. Sana Mentor (Advertiser)
  6. Sana Zamir (Content Creator)
  7. Bushra Mateen (Page Admin)
  8. Shahooq (Delivery Man For Karachi And Helper)

Visit Stylifyd Facebook Page for more information!

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