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How to Find the Right Foundation

Shopping for the right foundation can be really tricky, especially when you’re not aware of your skin tone, whether its a warm tone or cool tone. It’s important to know the underlying skin color before buying a foundation. For instance, you may have a ruddy (red) or ashen (gray) skin tone on the outside but your underlying skin tone maybe yellowish beige. It’s important to buy a foundation that compliments your inner and outer skin tone.

The best way to find the right foundation is to try it out in the daylight and make sure that it matches your skin color. Drug store brands usually tend to have 4-5 shades of foundation. High end brands, however, have foundations based on warmer and cooler undertones of different skin types, which is why it’s important to invest in a really good foundation.

How to determine your skin tone?

  • The basic test: the color of your veins on your wrist can help determine your underlying skin tone. If your veins appear to be blue/purple then you belong to the cool toned spectrum. If the veins appear green then you belong to the warm toned spectrum. And those who have neutral undertones will have difficulty identifying whether its blue or green.
  • If you tan and don’t burn easily then you have a warm undertone because your skin’s natural melanim ( the pigment that gives skin it’s color) is higher.
  • If you burn easily and tan less or not at all have cooler undertones because the melanim is lower.
  • The jewelry trick: find out whether you look radiant and glowing in gold or silver jewelry. People who have warm undertones tend to look better in gold and people who have cooler tones tend to pull of silver and platinum pieces well. (Remember: not which one you like, but which one you look GOOD in)


The only reason, I’m writing this post is because I tried a few foundations today and it seems like even though they are the shade of my color, somehow they seem slightly yellowish when I apply it on half of my face and compare the other half. And after some research I understood that drugstore foundations have very limited options. But high end brands have specific shades for warmer tones and cooler tones.

Hope this helps ladies x

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