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Style Notes: personal favorite trends


Currently loving the idea of using double fabric on one piece. It automatically gives a very edgy look so ladies keep an eye out for this trend. [Denim Jacket: Splash]

According to me statement necklaces are becoming  a bit too repetitive and minimalist necklaces such as the one above are being ignored, so for me this is definitely making a comeback, remember less is more. [Necklace: H&M]


Bold on Bold colors. This style isn’t for everybody, but I kinda like the idea of pairing a bold on bold colors. So try this out if you like it. [Top: H&M – Jeans: Splash]
Absolutely love the blend of two colors on one fabric, it adds a whole other personality to a boring look. [Maxi Dress: Splash]
LACE LACE & LACE! Never get tired of this one, I think having at least one statement lace piece in your wardrobe is important. [Lace Top: Splash]

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