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Style | Winter Statement Piece

Hello fashion lovers!

Winter is here! The cold is upon us! (oh how much I love saying that!) And I can finally take out my winter hoodies, jackets & shawls! The best part about winters is that you can just walk out in a hoodie, but this post isn’t about a hoodie (Duh! I wouldn’t write a huge post just for a hoodie!).


My favorite trend this winter is the poncho shawl by H&M. If you’re anything like me and don’t like layering that much then this is perfect to just throw on & walk out of the house. It’s printed and is black on the outside & grey on the inside which you can switch around depending on what color goes best with your outfit. Also the fringe on the edge gives it a nice grunge look when paired with troopa boots or ankle boots.


Personally, I feel this is a perfect statement piece for winters because it goes well with any kind of top and will definitely keep you warm.

What are your statement pieces this winter? Do let me know!



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