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Lush Twilight Bathbomb & Soap review

LUSH definitely has to be the best brand when it comes to bath products. Quite recently I tried out the ‘Twilight’ bath bomb that came with a pink star soap. Every LUSH product happens to have a wonderful scent of its own. The twilight bath is bomb & soap has a sweet lavender scent that will help you relax & forget all the worries in the world! (Believe me!)

I personally happen to enjoy long baths, and LUSH makes it so much more exciting with their fizzy colorful bath bombs & soaps – that leaves the body with not only  good fragrance but soft skin too!

The twilight bath bomb is pink in color but changes its colors (pink to purple) when used in the bath.

In my opinion, this is by far the best bath bomb that I’ve tried! It’s quite big in size, which means that you can easily divide it and use it twice (which is what I did!) OR use it all at once for an epic bath experience. After fizzing out the bath bomb you are left with shades of pink & purple in your bath which according to me, are perfect for winter nights. The lavender oils in this product allow your body to loosen up and release stress. Along with this, the scent is mainly lavender but has a hint of vanilla essence that adds a sweet touch to it that soothes the mind & body, helping you relax and soak your troubles away!


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