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Life | Never let anyone bring you down

Hey guys,

I’ve recently been seeing alot of high school drama online which tends to effect girls in the most craziest ways! I’m saying this cause I’ve been through it.

Growing up, high school was pretty amazing for me. I met the best people (who I’m still in touch with) I learnt alot but it wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies. You see the school that I went to had all sorts of people, good and bad. The good were really good and the bad, well lets just say that alot of hate comes from the bad. One specific girl in high school always seemed to talk crap about me. For the longest time, it seemed to me that she was obsessed with me. And believe me i hated hearing rumors about myself , the most ridiculous kind. But I never let it bother me, cause you see the minute you let tiny people get into your head – is a minute wasted. I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by the best people (alhamdulilah) who don’t let me get bothered. It’s unfair and rather irritating when other people talk about you – when they don’t even know you! And trust me, this one girl from high school managed to get her way through university too, I mean you’d think that you finally don’t have to deal with jerks but sometimes Patience is tested. And once again, she continued her same habit of spreading rumors , making fun and passing irrelevant information about me to others. So believe me, I understand how difficult bullies can be. But the important part is that you always remember who YOU are and don’t let these low life’s decide that for you. I get high school can be a difficult time but its also quite amazing. Bad people are going to be everywhere , it’s important to remember the goodness in yourself and focus on being nice to others even if they’ve been mean to you. Because your attitude towards others is what defines you. Don’t waste time on seeking revenge or anything cause the people who you should be spending your time on are the ones that love you.

So to conclude, I just want to say that if there is someone in your life who always tries to compete with you or bring you down or is just a plain bully, then step back and think about other things that are actually important, cause this is what I did every time and alhumdulilah I’m happy. The important thing is to be happy and laugh things off, this life is too short to waste it on irrelevant people.

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