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September vibes #AutumnMakeup

Hello beautiful people!

The month of September is finally upon us! And I happen to love everything about this month. The weather gets better and we are getting closer to winter, but personally I love autumn. In Dubai, you can’t really enjoy autumn since it’s hot all year long except for December and January when it’s slightly pleasant. But enough talking about the weather! This is my birthday month and I’m oh so excited this year for no absolute reason! But I’m still going to make a big deal about my birthday , it’s MY day! But that’s not for another two weeks. Talking about fashion, I really haven’t had a chance to put together outfits for this month as I’ve been really caught up with my upcoming projects ( which you will know about soon enough, I promise) so instead I’ve decided to share my autumn inspired make up look.



The DMGM eye shadow palette (Studio Perfection Satin Matte eyeshadow palette 02) is what I’ve used for this look mainly because it has shades of browns, orange and tea pink. According to me this palette works well for autumn looks since the shades are very autumn-yy ( I know that’s not a word but you get me )


The four steps that I usually follow for my eye make up are:

  1. Light nude shade all over the eyelid.
  2. Lightest shade from the palette in the inner crease.
  3. Medium shade from the palette on the lid.
  4. Darkest shade from the palette on the outer crease.

These are my standard 4 steps that I always follow mainly because I have small eyes so I prefer keeping the darkest shade on the outer crease so that it doesn’t make my eyes look smaller than they already are. For this look I’ve followed my standard four steps with the DMGM eye shadow palette. And added some blush on and lip color.

So there you go, this is my autumn inspired make up look!

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