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The Tale of Two Cats

Hello beautiful people!

So I was scheduling the blog posts for you awesome blossom readers & I realized that I haven’t written a single ‘non-product’ or ‘non-fashion’ post in the longest time. So I thought I’d tell a tale of two cats.

Amour & Mia are two beautiful cats that happen to live with my sister. About two weeks ago, I went to spend a few days there and these two cats drove me insane! (in a good way, of course)

Now if any of you know me personally, then you are aware of the fact that I happen to be a dog lover, I grew up having plenty of dogs as pets & through all these years I’ve always been anti cats! Some of the best people I’ve met in my life are because I randomly started playing with their dogs (lol).




Amour is a pure persian 4 year old cat who is exactly like Garfield, I’m not even kidding, all he does is eat, sleep, look cute & repeat. He is not a needy cat, he’s too lazy to play and he is super attached to my sister. Even though I couldn’t care less about cats, this cat always has my attention. Whenever I’ve gone to my sister’s place I’ve always tried to play with him but he’s too old to play. So all he really does is sit on the corner & look adorable.


Mia, on the other hand, is a 1 year old Birman cat with the silkiest fur.  I can have her in my lap all day cause her fur is softer than amour’s! Mia is super playful – and by that I mean shes a dog’s soul trapped in a cat’s body. Birman cats happen to be the only breed that can be trained like a dog. The first night that I crashed on the couch, Mia pretended to sleep at first & when I finally slept, she started playing with my toe. And by playing I mean – grabbing it with her paw & chewing the crap outta it. The first night that I spent there, I was genuinely frustrated with these two cats. Cause even though, Amour is a lazy fat cat he happens to enjoy following Mia around. Mia is a jumpy, hyper cat that always wants to play, even if it’s 4 am in the morning (believe me, I’ve stayed up till 6 am playing with her).

11655283_10154079273588298_751061889_n 11652152_10154079273593298_814032613_n

Usually, when I wasn’t playing with the cats I would just sit and observe them & here’s what I noticed; Mia loves watching dog movies, she literally sat next to me and watched ‘Marley & me’ & ‘Cats & Dogs’. Amour, on the other hand, just follows her around like a lost puppy and sits & stares at her from a distance. He also acted like a cute little fur ball when I was sleeping, he got on the bed and rubbed his forehead on mine so I would pamper him.

Even though, Mia is a recent addition to the family, she still happens to be my favorite – maybe cause I strongly believe that she has the soul of a dog trapped inside of her lol.

Now even though, I’m a dog person I still have a soft spot for the pets in my family. Amour & Mia, are still my two favorite cats – I may hate cats, but I love amour & mia!


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