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OOTD’s : Summer look book!

Hello beautiful people!

So I recently decided to put together a few of my summer looks together – sort of like a look book; so you guys can have an idea about my usual outfits. Now I honestly don’t have the time to write an outfit post every single day, so I figured doing a weekly post like that will be perfect for now. 

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Outfit #1: Red Flared pants

A few months ago, my sister handed me these gorgeous flared pants. I instantly fell in love with it – mainly cause it’s red and its super soft (I’m not kidding) . Now initially these pants were just neatly folded and stacked up in my wardrobe, cause I wasn’t sure of how I would style it up. I tried it on with a formal white shirt a few months ago and it didn’t look very great so then I practically gave up on ’em. But only a few days ago I remembered that I bought a white cropped top (it may not look cropped here, cause it’s tucked in DUH! but it is cropped) and voila! It looked perfect! Along with this, I styled this whole look with a classy gold statement necklace, some sunnies and my gorgeous Vogue clutch- with my silver metallic pumps (ofcourse!) Styling flared pants can be a little challenging, I had trouble initially when the trend came out about two years ago but ever since then I love it. It’s so comfortable for summers – especially in Dubai where you practically burst into flames during June/July.

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Outfit #2: Floral jumpsuits

My personal favorite ‘to-go’ outfit is definitely a jumpsuit these days. Especially the floral one that I wore to the Topshop bloggers event. To give the outfit a little color pop spin, I decided to pair up the jumpsuit with my green long cardigan and yellow studded pumps. Color pop and floral prints are a must have in the wardrobe, make sure to invest in ’em.

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Outfit #3 Rawr cropped top.

This cropped top was something that my sister picked out for me and once again I felt like I couldn’t wear it often cause the color is too bright (which is perfect for summers; and it has a leopard on it omgaaa!) So I styled this cropped top with my high waist blue pants, like I said I’m avoiding jeans; it just gets too hot in Dubai. I felt like the top was a statement on its own so I toned it down with black pumps and my satchel fringe bag (still making a statement though with my unique ear cuff; will post about it soon too)

That’s it for now lovelies! Do tell me which one is your favorite look!


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