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Beat the Heat | Summer Essentials!

Hello beautiful people!


If you live in Dubai, then you already know that it consists of two seasons, winter and summers! There is no autumn or spring in the middle. Temperatures reach up to 50-55 degrees during the months of May, June & July. So I thought of sharing a few of my personal summer essentials with all of you lovely readers! 

  1. Water: YES! WATER! Being hydrated during summers is one of my priorities mainly cause it’s so important for the skin. If you don’t like drinking regular water then there is always flavored water – which I personally prefer for now. 
  2. Sunscreen: Don’t even try stepping out of the house without sunscreen – I’ve done that before and it led me to freckles and dark circles. So ALWAYS put on sunscreen that suits your skin. The one that I use is Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF 30. It provides 12 hours of hydration to the skin. And most importantly – it blends easily.
  3.  Bright nail paint: This is just something that I like to add to my summer looks. I love using bright nail paint during summers – it just adds a very bright color pop to my outfits. And let’s face it – summers are all about bright colors and floral prints! 
  4. BB Cream: I don’t prefer wearing a heavy foundation or make up during summers. I keep it very toned down to mascara and BB cream. BB cream provides coverage and moisturizes the skin at the same time – which is GREAT for summers. Wearing heavy make up in the heat can lead to skin damage and acne, so I like keeping my make up to a minimum.
  5. Baby Wet Wipes: I think it’s so important to have a pack of wet wipes in your bag – simply because if you feel hot outside or just cranky then wiping your face can make a lot of difference – trust me! ( yes – I use baby wipes; sensitive skinn!!)
  6. Baby Oil: This is specifically for people who have dry skin (me) . The sun will dry out your skin – and it’s highly important to apply some baby oil to your skin – preferably at night before sleeping or after a bath. So when you wake up the next morning – your skin is moisturized and soft. I prefer baby oil for my skin mainly cause I have super sensitive skin – but you can always invest in scented body oils – completely up to you.
  7.  Body Mist: I think we all know the importance of a good fragrance during the summers. The one that I use is Sweet Pea by Bath & Body works and it’s literally the best scent ever – very tropical – love it!
  8. Lip balms: Lips are sensitive and can easily get damaged during summers. To avoid super dry- sun burnt- lips ; it’s essential to keep a lip balm in your bag. I personally prefer labello – but I recently tried a cherry blossom lip tint by Figs & Rouge which is 100% natural and works really well for dry lips.
  9. Shades/Sunglasses: Well, lastly- YOU’VE GOTTA HAVE FUNKY SHADES FOR SUMMERS!! I actually have to get myself some fun colored ones- so watch this space for upcoming summer outfits and accessories.

What are your favorite summer essentials? Drop in comments & let me know or follow me on Instagram & twitter to share some of your favorites!! 

Cheers xx

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