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Fashion | Maheen Khan: Coco Chanel of the East

Designer Maheen Khan. PHOTO: RIZWANUL HAQ
Maheen Khan (Photo Credits: Rizwanul Haq)

The Fashion industry of Pakistan consists of some brilliantly talented designers, one of them is Maheen Khan. Stepping into the fashion industry during the ’70s, Maheen Khan has worked her way through the industry and managed to design for many International and National fashion shows.

Maheen Khan, the CEO of Fashion Pakistan Week, has designed dresses for famous celebrities like Jemima Khan, Benazir Bhutto, Princess Salimah Aga Khan and many more. Along with this, she gained recognition for her embroidered for the film Snow white & the Huntsman

Maheen Khan at Milan Fashion Week (Photo Credits: Paklinks)
After showcasing her collection at Milan Fashion Week, she earned the title of Coco Chanel of the East. Maheen has designed costumes and embroidery for films like The Phantom of Opera, The Golden Age, Sweeney Todd and many more. 
One of her recent project was designing costumes for the film, Cinderella (2015). Maheen Khan has also won quite a few awards for Best Designer, Style Icon and the most recent one being, founding the Fashion industry in the country.




Maheen Khan is definitely one of the most brilliant people that I’ve come across. She has a unique touch to her personality and has the most amazing nature. During my recent trip to Pakistan I got a chance to check out her line, Gulabo; which is mainly inspired by all things Pakistani, such as the streets, poetry, truck art etc. I love the concept, I think it’s such a brilliant way to combine fashion and certain elements of the country. Apart from that, she’s such a nice lady to just talk to, she’s definitely on top in my list of ‘People who inspire me’.


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