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Global Village haul

Hello lovelies!
Recently I went to Global Village, If you live in Dubai then you already know what that is. But if you don’t: Global Village is an open space area that consists of pavilions of different countries and has various stalls of all kinds of stuff.
I love Global Village, I always end up finding interesting things over there. So here’s what I got:
1) Beauty marks: I’m a huge Mr.Kate fan & ever since she started wearing these GOLD beauty marks; I had to get one for myself to try it out. (Follow me on Instagram to see where I’ve put em 😉  

2) Metallic Nail paint: now I know some people are too conscious about brands – but I’m more of a ‘I like it so I buy it’ kinda gal! I’m insanely in love with this nail paint, it reminds me of the ’90s! 
3) Headbands: I’ve already started preparing for summers; and these hairbands are my MUST HAVE for summers. Going floral print crazy.

4) Flat slippers: I think these are a MUST have for every ‘desi’ chic – it adds an eastern touch to all the western outfits & let’s face it they are pretty funky!

5) Crazy print sweater: this sweater has a very christmas-yyy feel to it, but I LOVE the print on it so I had to buy it.

The thing about Global Village is that you end up finding such interesting pieces! Apart from that, the food is to die for! I love having Turkish baked potatoes; every time I visit. Also HUGE SHOUT OUT to Holland mini pancakes for make the best pancakes everrr!!
What did you buy from Global Village this month?
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