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What I’m obsessed with | That ’70s Show!

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I’ve been watch ‘That ’70s Show’ on & off for the past year, but I finally got around to the ending and I must say, I LOVE THIS SHOW! I’ve always been in love with the ’70s, part of me believes that I was born in the wrong era and I definitely belong in the ’70s. The series is based in the era of 1970’s (DUH). It’s based on a group of friends who are aiming at finding their way around adulthood. What I love the most is, how it provides such a good insight of the ’70s. Even from a fashion aspect, the trends that are on going now are highly inspired from that era. If you’re looking for some light retro hip comedy show; then I highly recommend this. 
Also, it’s so interesting to see Ashton Kutcher and Mila kunis work together at such young ages. 
If you’re a ’70s lover; then you MUST watch this show.
Cheers xx

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