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Dubai Events: Street nights!

Hello my lovely readers!
So last weekend (20th – 21st Feb 2015) an event called ‘Street Nights’ took place in Al-Quoz (UAE) which was basically a two day event promoting art culture in Dubai. This included food trucks, fashion stalls, graffiti art and live music. Even though the weather wasn’t all that great, it still managed to get a lot of people’s attention and surprisingly plenty of people showed up (even in the bad weather!!) 
What I liked the most about ‘Street Nights’ is that their main aim was to ‘Get people out of the mall!’. If you live in Dubai, then you’re aware of the fact that people love chilling in malls over here. So this was just a way of promoting art at the streets. The whole vibe of  ‘Street Nights’ was simply amazing! To be surrounded by such ordinary yet super talented graffiti artists, musicians and designers was a brilliant way of spending the weekend! 

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