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Blogger of the month: Katie Hunter


Name: Katie Hunter
Tell us something about yourself:
I have an immense passion for writing and photography (probably why I blog)
What inspired you to start up your own blog at such a young age?
To be honest, I am quite a spontaneous person sometimes so not that much inspiration was required however my friend had one and I thought it looked fun, I wish I had known more about blogging though!
Did you ever worry that at some point people might criticize your blog? if so; how do you deal with the criticism?
Well I have always been very careful about who I tell, I’m not embarrassed by it but i fear some people may judge me and I won’t have to freedom to write about what ever I want if I know the people that are reading it. I did put my link in my personal instagram but then after a comment from a boy at school I removed it. I try to keep my two lives as separate as possible but have so far been lucky enough not to receive criticism (I’m not very good at taking it!)
How often do you update your blog?
I create new content weekly, uploaded on a Sunday. Sometimes I will upload on a Wednesday too but this is only if I have time and am not bombarded with school work.
What’s the one piece of advice you would give to bloggers?
Make it your own and write for yourself, write to inspire others but also to feel a release, to get your voice out there.
What celebrity style do you admire the most? 
I’m not the biggest follower of celeb style and never try to look like anyone but I do really like Alexa Chung’s style.
What’s your ‘go-to’ outfit?
My go to outfit is definitely Topshop Joni jeans with a crop top, most likely in monochrome.
Most bloggers start off with the idea of gaining popularity with their blog, the PR bit of it, getting free products, invites etc. What are your thoughts on that?
 Uhm I must admit I don’t totally agree with this. While I do think many bloggers just do it to be sent freebies and be recognized by companies, even just to copy a more famous blogger, I was never like that. I have always just wanted a place to write that allows me to practice my styles an tell anyone who listens about my views-I personally am not bothered about company’s and products.
Where do  you see yourself in the next 10 years? 
Well anything could happen, I don’t want to tie myself to anything but I am hoping to go into Law so somewhere along that journey? Who know’s…

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